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Discussion: New Central Library


A new Central Library will accommodate the changing ways that people learn, find information and engage in community activities. It will be an interactive facility where users not only find the information they need, but can put that information to work and create new products and tools with it, and will likely accommodate our needs for much longer than the current one has.

Mission and strategic focus areas crafted from our visioning process:

  • An interactive center of learning for Arlington’s children
  • Enhanced space and services to prepare Arlington’s teens for bright futures
  • Literacy and workforce development resources that strengthen Arlington
  • Arlington’s catalyst for learning, meeting and gathering
  • A center for celebrating Arlington’s cultural diversity as well as for collecting and sharing Arlington’s history
  • maximize facility usage through sharing multipurpose spaces
  • make the most efficient use of funds
  • serve as a catalyst for further downtown development

For more information on the Central Library, please visit the city's website.

Discussion: Neighborhood Program


The City Council determined that “Champion Great Neighborhoods” is a priority for the work of the City. Great neighborhoods contribute to a higher quality of life and greater investment in our economy. Every part of our corporation contributes to our overall success and vitality as we make Arlington a great place to live, work, learn, and play.

The Community Development and Planning Department is creating a new neighborhood program. This program builds on the strengths and expertise of the department in developing neighborhood leaders, helping neighborhoods create plans, investing in neighborhoods through beautification projects and physical improvements, and being a resource for residents desiring access to City programs and services.

Discussion: Neighborhood Areas


Tell us what makes you proud about your area of Arlington and your ideas to make it even better!

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