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Discussion: Neighborhood Areas


Tell us what makes you proud about your area of Arlington and your ideas to make it even better!

Use the map to the left to identify your area or type your address into this online map!


Area A includes the northern part of the City, east of Cooper Street, north of I-30, east of Collins Street, north of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and west of Highway 360. This includes neighborhoods such as Parkway North, Forest Hills, Viridian, Wood Creek, and Oaks North.

Tell us what makes you proud about Area A and your ideas to make it even better!

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steve rejcek almost 3 years ago

I love this area with AT&T stadium, Ranger Stadium and Six Flags. I like the excitement and vibe those venues bring to the area. With that being said, with all the people these venues bring to our area, there needs to be improvement to the roads, such as Road To Six Flags. Also there are many pedestrians that walk from Lincoln square and other surrounding parking lots and no sidewalks. The people sometimes walk in the street which is not safe. Other considerations should include hotels so that our visitors stay in our area instead of going to Dallas and Fort Worth. We can only reap from the benefits of this because they will spend their money here. Thank you very much for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

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