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Discussion: Neighborhood Areas


Tell us what makes you proud about your area of Arlington and your ideas to make it even better!

Use the map to the left to identify your area or type your address into this online map!


Area B includes the northwest area of the City, bordered by Pioneer, Bowen, I-20, Cooper, Park Row, Davis, I-30, and Cooper.  This includes neighborhoods such as Meadow Park, Woodland West, The Oaks, Prestonwood, Scots Wood, Shady Valley, Oak Hill, Westador, Interlochen.

Tell us what makes you proud about Area B and your ideas to make it even better!

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Mitchell Sutherland almost 3 years ago

Is there any information on the sports park that was planned for North Arlington? The complex was to be built just north and west of Dunlop Park.

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Peggy James almost 3 years ago

I like -The rolling hills - the friendly neighbors who really care about their neighbors and where they live. To make it better- control the speed of cars on residential streets, finish phase two on the High Oak Park development, and more patrols by the Police.

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